3 Exercise Myths that Expert Gurus used to scare us with

Because everyone wants to have a great body, the fitness gurus tries to cash in the trend. They give you instruction to lose weight and sell their products on you, but you would notice that you become dependent on them. They won’t let their cash-cow get away from them. They will milk you to death until you can’t give them money anymore, but you can’t get fit on your own. To help them get your money, they used ridiculous myths to scare you not to go on without them.


fitness gurus
fitness gurus

Here, are some of the modern myths of exercise that these gurus used on us:

Exercise machines are efficient and safe

Exercise machines are made to provide helpful little hints on which muscles they build or how many calories they will burn per minute and so on. These machines designed to isolate muscle groups to make it easy for gym goers to make decisions to what they want to work out on without realizing that working parts of your body in isolation stops you from exercising the stabilizer muscles from working and, therefore, burning less fat. There is also a higher chance of getting injured because they restrict your natural range of motion which is different for every person and can pull muscles and severely injure joints.

Long Aerobic workouts burn more fat

Though, it is true that long aerobic workouts tend to burn more fat, the sad truth about this belief is that it also stops burning fat the moment that aerobic is done. It is recommended to combine aerobic with strength training so that you could lose weight faster. When you build more muscle, fats get burned even when you are resting.

Weight loss exercise regimes are hard to stick with

The average weight loss regime is usually dull and repetitive so you tend to give up.

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