3 Myths and Facts about Fat Burning Workouts

The only way to burn excess fats from our body is to exercise. Of course, everybody knows this! But, why do most people fail to become thinner? Well, this has something to do with the myths that I am going to talk about to make it clear what work and what don’t.

fat burning workouts
fat burning workouts

Myth 1: High intensity exercise = high fat burning

Because of the fast paced world we now live in, it is harder to be more active since we are too dependent on the appliances that make daily living much easier. Take for instance the washing machine, we use to have a good workout form washing our clothes, but now that there is a washing machine, we just can’t have a god workout anymore. We have the washing machine to make washing easier than it used to be. I won’t be talking about the different types of appliances here since the topic is about myths.

Don’t worry since we can always go to the gym and exercise there, but a normal person can only exercise three times a week because we are much busier than before. In addition, working out in gyms isn’t that easy, the body needs to take a rest since gym workouts are high intensity workouts. After spending an hour or two in the gym, we feel satisfied since we believe that we had burned enough calories for the day.

Fact 1:

Obese people can only benefit from exercise through quantity and not quality. Jogging in the morning for an hour a day can speed up metabolism than high intensity workout thrice a week.

Myth 2: High intensity exercise vs long term exercise

For example, an overweight man enrolls in the gym. The gym instructor creates a program for him wherein he has to perform 30 minutes treadmill + 30 minutes aerobic + 45 minutes weight lifting + 15 minutes treadmill three times a week. After 3 months, the man tells his instructor that he isn’t losing weight.

Fact 2:

High intensity workout can burn carbohydrate from your body. However, it won’t work for an obese person since the calories will get replace as soon as they have eaten. Honestly, obese people have a hard time committing to diets. The only way to burn those stubborn fats is through continuous exercise in a long term. The only way you can last on your workout routine is by having light exercise routine.

Myth 3: Excess exercise vs fun exercise

‘No pain, no gain’. I’m sure that you’re familiar with this. I had heard it many times when I was just starting out in the gym. Don’t ask me on who created it since I don’t know.

Fact 3:

Excess exercise will only result to more health risks sush as sprain or heart attack. Other than that, excess exercise might also lead to a stressed mental condition. If you enjoy exercising then it would be much easier. Never think of exercise as a task.

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