6 Myths About Bodyweight Exercises

Usually there are two sides of the story, we just need to distinguished which is which in any weight loss regimen.

bodyweight exercise

bodyweight exercise

This is not applicable when it comes to muscle building. Most of the negative facts you hear are nothing more than just a myth and haven’t been proven. This article talks about the 6 myths about bodyweight exercises.

Myth #1 Bodyweight Exercises Cannot Build Muscle


Yes, cardio routines aren’t meant for building muscle.

But the proper muscle building techniques wherein the muscles get stressed allows the muscle to grow. The right routines for bodyweight exercise can help you grow some muscles.

Myth #2 Long Routines Equal Effective Routines

Long routines are best for cardio, but not applicable for building muscle. In general, session should be no more than 45 minutes.

Myth #3 Bodyweight Routines Cannot Build Muscle

Bodyweight exercise can build muscles if done the right way.

Myth #4 They Are Only Useful To Keep Fit

When you reach a certain level, you will find that they do provide an excellent method of gaining an overall feeling of well being and fitness. But there are different bodyweight exercises that you don’t know yet.

Many of the bodyweight exercise done at home are easy, but some could push you to your limit. It resembles the time when you’re just starting out with weight lifting. The same principle can be applied to bodyweight exercises. Choose the right ones for you, do them correctly and you can pack on the muscle.

Myth #5 A High Number Of Reps Equals Big Muscle

Some people actually believe in this, but if this is true then you will see a lot of athletes with gigantic legs.

The truth is that a high number of reps means that you’re not putting much stress on your muscles to the point where they would grow bigger. With few number of intense reps, followed by enough rest, your muscles will grow.

Myth #6 Weights Are A Must To Grow Muscle

You don’t need weight to have a bigger muscle. All you need is something that would increase the pressure applied on your muscles.

It can come from free weights, an exercise machine, a bag of cement or anything else that places stress on the muscles.


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