How not having an Ample Sleep affects Heatlhy Lifestyle?

Most of us are aware that a healthy lifestyle is a must if we want to live a longtime. Sure we are living healthy by exercising at least three times a week and eating a healthy meal, but are they enough? In the fast-paced we now live in; most people don’t have time to get enough sleep as there are just too many things to do.


sleep deprivation
sleep deprivation

Getting enough rest shouldn’t be taken for granted rest as it among the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, right along with getting the right nutritious foods! An ample sleep helps in many ways, here are some of them:

Metabolism: If you’re not sleeping enough, you may become fatter in the process. The body goes through various processes such as storing carbohydrates we’ve eaten and also releasing hormones that affect our appetite.

Mood: Whenever we encounter grumpy man/woman, we tend to think that they didn’t sleep well.

Disease: The immune system doesn’t function well if the body didn’t get enough sleep. Some experts believe that rest helps in fighting cancer. The body only produces melatonin when we sleep in the dark.

Heart Healthy: Increased stress, hypertension and irregular heartbeat are all associated to serious sleep deprivation.

Safety: I’m sure that you are aware how not having enough sleep also affects your safety, but for those who aren’t aware then here is an excellent example. For instance, you are working in a factory, without enough sleep, your brain isn’t fully functioning. Now since, the factory is full of machines, you can imagine how dangerous that would be for you.

Learning: Sleeping allows the brain to process new information you learned recently. Not getting enough rest might result to memory loss!

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