The link between Friendship and a Healthy Lifestyle

Friends make our lives’ happy. The happier we are the better health we have. There is a belief that a healthy lifestyle starts with a happy life. This one seems to be true since it is easier to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly if you are happy with your life.

Friends are there during bad or good times
Friends are there during bad or good times

Here are a few things that a good friend can do for you.

  • —‹ increases the feeling of purpose and belonging,
  • —‹ raises your feeling of well being,
  • —‹ reduce stress,
  • —‹ enhance self esteem,
  • —‹ is there when you need them the most.
  • —‹ will help to change your unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle.

However, people do loss friends as they get older because they do not have the time for their friends anymore. There are simply of many things that needed to be done like work, caring for the children or parents.

That is the reason why you must search for quality and not quantity. A quality friend will be there when you need them. Just try to understand that there will be times when they have to attend to their own problem, and you should join him/her during those bad times. Now, how do start a friendship with someone? The best way to seek friends is to meet people and get to know them more.

How do you meet people and develop friendship?

  • —‹ Circulate around your neighborhood, head for the park and start a conversation. Modern technology has taken its toll on our lifestyle, and only few seems to be interested in meeting new people, but you need to try and search for new friends offline.
  • —‹ Sign up for activities at your local spa, gym, or senior community center;
  • —‹ Ask one of your friends to be your guest at your house;
  • —‹ Say “Yes” when someone invited you to a social gathering;
  • —‹ if you have the spare time, volunteer to help in various organizations. Form relationships with people with the same interest;
  • —‹ Attend community events – get involved – look for a group that has the same passion for activity that you enjoy.
  • —‹ If you have the money go to school again and update your knowledge about any area that interest you. This will be a chance for you to find others with the same interest;
  • —‹ Join a religious group – this is an exciting opportunity for meeting others with the same interest like you has.

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