Develop Bigger Mucles through Strength Training

Strength training not only increases the strength but also increases the muscle’s size. Aside, from increasing the size, it also enhances the functionality in the form of strength. The increased size and strength will help you with so many things in your life.

guy with big muscles
guy with big muscles

Why strength training increases muscle ?

Muscle size is somehow related to the strength. The stronger you are, the more muscle you have. Look at all the power lifters and gymnasts; they all got large muscles; this is because of the increased strength they got.

Bodybuilders aren’t born with great body; they work hard for it. They start performing strength training to get fit and eventually grew stronger. The stronger they get the better physique they got. The body builder with the largest muscle is the ones that can lift the heavier weight. Someone that can lift 500lbs is of course larger than someone that can only lift 300lbs.

How to train for strength?

1. Lift heavy

Heavy weights allow your body to increase the strength so that it could cope with the stress on the muscles. Heavy weights force the body to grow stronger so that it could handle the increased intensity of your workouts. More intensity will create a bigger hormonal response from your muscles, which causes them to grow in size and strength.

2. Compound lifts

Use compounds lift to be able in order to use the most weight with your exercises. Lifts such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, barbell rows all allow large amounts of weight to be lifted. They target more than one muscle group at a time and great a much bigger overall hormonal response than smaller isolated exercises.

3. Low reps

Use low reps (5-7), because it will allow you to lift the most weight. As it increases the intensity of the exercise, it also increases the muscle tension. Lower reps reduce the time under stress, whilst increasing the intensity, more work in less time = more intensity. More intense workouts produce bigger and stronger muscles, forcing the muscles to grow and adapt to the strain.

4. Short rests

If you want to grow bigger, cut the resting time between sets to a minimal amount. Take a short break in-between sets to allow you to catch a breath, afterwards, proceed to the next set. This will cause deeper ingrains into the muscle fibres and greater overall fatigue. Your body will adapt to the increased stress, therefore, increasing you strength and muscle size.

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