The Right Way of Breathing when Strength Training

If you hang out in the gym, a lot then you would notice how most trainer teach their clients. They tend to be there most of time to tell their clients what to do. In fact, even breathing is taught by these trainers. They call it proper breathing technique. Yet, it seems hard to apply during actual exercise routines.

Breathing must occur naturally
Breathing must occur naturally

Every trainer would teach you the proper breathing technique since they believe that it could help their clients to max their energy during workouts. Nevertheless, it does not always apply to everyone as it may work on one person, but it does not apply to the other one.

Have you notice most of the power lifters whenever they are lifting weights? They are holding their breath while lifting weight and only breathe after the task is done. The reason is that it is too hard to exert force while applying the breathing technique taught on gyms.

Both Dr. Stuart McGill and Dr. Mel Siff, experts in the area of strength and therapy agree that the breathing techniques taught in gyms are wrong. They believe that the breathing technique would only be applicable to the body responding with the optimal muscle recruitment strategy during the length of the movement.

If you notice the trainers’ demonstrating exercise are not breathing during the lifting weight. They are holding their breath to max out their energy.

In laymen’s term, you need to breathe naturally when doing exercise. Let breathing occur naturally because it helps you max your energy during strength training sessions.

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