Do’s and Don’ts in Strength Training

Currently, strength training is the most popular way to exercise in gyms. It holds many benefits, and the common perception that strength training is only for muscle building has been replaced by a more balanced view. You don’t need to hire a personal trainer to get you started with a strength training routine, but a personal trainer will guide you on the correct form of exercise.

Strength training program
Strength training program

Here are some do’s and don’ts to aid you on your quest to gaining strength:

-Do make use of targeted training, working detailed muscle groups separately. An exercise machine should be recommended for a newbie; since they can help you isolate and strengthen individual muscles more effectively than free weights.

-Do maintain a consistent schedule. Building muscle takes time and meticulousness. You won’t bee seeing any result within a week or just two months of exercising. It will take 3 months or even more to see some changes in your strength and physique.

-Do change your routine every 4-6 weeks. If your program is just the same, you’re going to get tired of it; therefore affecting your training, as well. You can change your method, change the intensity, and change whatever you like so that you won’t hit a brick wall. Unless you change something on your workout, your training will hit a brick wall and you won’t see any improvements in your body.

-Do work towards a specific goal. Know what you really want out of strength training. Your training methods must be geared toward that goal. If you can create your own program then do so. There are many videos online that will instruct you how to do it. You can also consult a fitness expert if you are willing to pay for their services.

-Do exercise all your major muscle groups at least once a week – that includes your biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, abs, quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Not having a balanced exercise regimen will have detrimental consequences in the long run.

-Don’t think you can rush strength training. Charging through a rigorous routine daily have dire consequences like overtraining, fatigue and injury, and most importantly, it won’t give you any extra benefit. Your body needs at least a day to recover between training sessions; 36 hours would be better. Though, some people believe that a missed day without training is a day waster, but that is not the case here. No one can build muscle through the course of exercise. Muscle is only built after the body has its recuperation period. Muscles are torn after exercising. The body needs rest for it to rebuild the torn body tissues.

-Don’t assume that strength training will cure all your problems. Strength training is probably the best way to shed those unwanted pounds, but if you want to shed a beer gut, you might as well be trying to clean up a nuclear meltdown with a toothbrush. Strength training should be combined with a proper diet and some down time to get the maximum result.

Just follow these guidelines and you will see yourself someday with the body of your dreams.


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