Strength Training with a Knee Injury

One of the most prevalent injuries on basketball is the knee injury. Having a knee injury is a painful experience, which might get into the way of a practice session for several months if the athlete will not have a knee replacement. However, some people do not like to have a knee injury because getting a surgery would limit their activities. Now, one of the activities that you can still do are bodybuilding and strength training.

A knee injury prevents you from enjoying your life
A knee injury prevents you from enjoying your life

Most of the people who got a knee replacement are not interested in bodybuilding; many would prefer to perform general strength training. Having a knee replacement does not mean that you do not have to look good anymore. Having a good physique will help in getting your bruised confidence and one of the best ways to achieve that is through a good physique.

It is true that there are some exercises that you cannot do anymore since of the surgery you have undergone, but there are alternatives that you can perform. For example, heavy squatting that you have been used to are not recommended anymore as they will stress your knee. You can replace it with a leg press.

Leg press works the lower body but does not put all the force on your knee. The machine takes away some of the weight that might not be good for your knee. You can still do some squat if you like, but you need to reduce the amount of weight that you are lifting before. If you still want to perform some squat, you can do it with or without a light dumbbell.

There will not be any problem with upper body so you can do your usual upper body exercises.

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