Weight Loss starts in the Mind


If you want to achieve something, then you have to programme your mind first. Only then will you succeed in anything. The same thing goes with weight loss. If you want t lose weight, you must first visualize yourself losing weight and all things will follow. Of course, you also need some discipline and determination for losing weight to become a reality. Many people didn’t give a damn about the psychological aspect of weight loss. However, it is undoubtedly what they have missed when planning to lose weight, so they don’t succeed at losing weight.


Reducing diet and psychological

More and more people are not managing with the weight loss, they visit a dietitian’s for advice. Is also a good idea to visit a psychological study as the psychologist will provide valuable advice on motivation and help in finding errors (eg. Inappropriate attitude to diet) ruin our resolve to lose weight. Remember that each person is different and requires an individual observation and approach. However, it is worth to get advice from psychologist as psychological aspect plays a big part in the success of a weight loss program.

Ways to lose weight – advice psychologist

Step 1
People need to realize that overweight and obesity is the most common problem, is not just with the consumption of excessive amounts of food or lack of physical activity. For most people, food is considered as a way to recover from stress and to get rid of fears and sorrows. You eat too big portions? They are too greasy and sweet? Ask yourself why this is happening and on what circumstances. Is the food is not the way to dullness or fatigue? How to feed your immediate family? A psychologist can make you prepare for the hardest part of weight loss – the psychological part.

Step 2
let’s work on self-esteem and self-confidence. It should not be reliant on the number of kilogrammes of weight. It may look uncommon, even today, if we can work on attitude to itself. Focus on the parts of the body wherein you are happy. Rather than worry about the thickness of your legs and pendulous belly. Imagine them as they would be if you lose weight.

Step 3
Be compassionate to yourself. Do expect too much so you won’t be disappointed. A negative emotion will have a dire effect on your health and on the motivation for losing weight. Make some small steps at a time. Give yourself a reward every time you reach a small goal.

Step 4
Find someone that has the same goal. It would help a lot if both of you shares the same passion.

To lose weight successfully, diet and physical activity aren’t enough; you must also have the right attitude towards the process of weight loss.


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