AspireAssis, a device to help you lose weight

A new device known as AspireAssis might hold the key to losing weight for obese people. The said device is recommended for those people who want to lose weight, with the problems of not being able to control their hunger fang; don’t have time to exercise and a lot more. Well, if you don’t need to be on a diet and don’t have to work out more, would you still fail to lose weight? There is a new controversial weight loss device that you might want to try. The said device is just new in the US, but promises result.

AspireAssis might be the device that could help you lose weight. Users say that the device is just simply amazing.

The device is known as AspireAssis , is said to be able to drain up to 30 per cent of the food that its user have eaten. The device needs to be attached to the stomach for it to be able to drain the food right out of the stomach before it gets digested.

Yes, the whole idea might sound disgusting, but researchers recommend it to those thinking about undergoing bariatric surgery since it is a lot cheaper than the said procedure. On top of that, it is fully reversible and less invasive. What is more important is that it can help patient to lose weight and be able to keep it off a lot longer than most procedures.

The device has a tube that attached to the stomach, connected to a poker-chip-sized port on the outside of the abdomen. The AspireAssis is used after the patient eats twenty minutes after. The patient need to open the lever and then the device sucks the food right out of the stomach.

There is no need to worry that all the food you ate that day would be suck out of your stomach since the device only removes one third of the meal. This allows the user to still get the needed calories and nutrition from the food that they eat that day.

First time users should use the device thrice a day, but overtime, they could adjust it as they learned to eat healthily. Dr. Shelby Sullivan, the director of bariatric endoscopy at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, says that the device has a positive effect on the users as it helps them to change their eating habit. As they use it more, the user would get use to chewing the food more and eat much slower than before.

“In order to get good aspiration after a meal, patients have to change the way they eat. They have to chew their food really well and they have to drink a lot of water with their meal,” she says.

Hampus Lager, a 28-year-old in Sweden, one of the few people, who had tried the device claims he just couldn’t lose weight using other methods. He claimed that the device enables him to lose 110 pounds over nine months. He loses the fats without undergoing a diet. He didn’t even have to change his eating habit and he is able to lose that much.

“Because I had been trying so many years to lose, nothing had really worked even when I was working out hard and eating little food,” he said.

Though, many people have tried it already, some specialist won’t recommend it to their client. Dr. Yoni Freedhoff , the founder of the Bariatric Medical Institute in Ottawa, says that he would like to see more results first before he can recommend it to his clients. He is still skeptical about the safety of the product.

“I need to know that having this procedure doesn’t have long-term risks — nutritional risks, infection risks and so forth. And until that data exists, I look at this as interesting and worthy of future study but not something I am going to be rushing people out the door to go get,” he said.


Source: New Weight loss device promises results.


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