Steps Towards a Younger and Healthier Lifestyle

When it comes to extending our lifespan, controlling leptin and insulin levels must have the most significant impact. If you want to achieve that, then you need to cut regular intake of sugar and grains. You also need to exercise regularly.

anti aging
anti aging

However, most people aren’t just contented with a longer lifespan. Most of us seek the ‘fountain of youth.’ If you want to have longer life and stay young for a long time; then you need to embrace and change your daily lifestyle in totality to make it healthier. Below are some guidelines that will provide you with some recommendations and strategies to plan or implement your personal lifestyle to achieve a healthier path in meeting an optimum health level which enables you to give life the best shot towards your desire to live longer.

  • Eat organic food and whole foods because it helps us to eat healthily; therefore maintaining our health. This is the first step that we should undertake to achieve a healthier and longer life.
  • Stress is the culprit behind almost all kinds of serious illness. When the person gets stressed, their body becomes prone to sickness that eventually leads to death. Thus, the focal point to develop an effective mechanism that could contain stress is the main factor to achieve a longer life. Exercise can help us manage stress. Through the use of tools such as energy psychology, we can reach the deeper part of ourselves and solve any emotionally hidden problems. One of the best psychology tools is the Emotional Freedom Technique or in short, known as EFT.
  • Be sure to get enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D comes from the rays of the sun. It is recommended to take a sun bathe early in the morning since the sun is not that hot. If you don’t have time to take sun bathe early in the morning, then you could get it from supplements.
  • Antioxidant foods – antioxidants come from foods like blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, blackberries, beans, artichokes as well as cherries.
  • Where synthetic pill and the capsule are concerned, resveratrol is among the forerunners in the pharmaceutical race. In order for resveratrol to be beneficial to our health, it has to be taken in the natural form. Foods that are rich in resveratrol which is antioxidant come from peanuts, mulberries, whole grape, and raspberries. resveratrol is also available in red wine, but red wine contains neurotoxin, which could poison the brain and causes serious harm to the crucial hormonal balance in our body.
  • Coconut oil is one of the newest anti-aging foods. They are inexpensive and easily obtainable. They can reduce cholesterol level and lower the risk of heart disease. Coconut oil can be taken orally or be applied on the skin. Some people tend to use them as replacements for butter, shortening and margarine.
  • Maintain a moderate to vigorous, regular exercise to help prevent or delay hypertension, obesity, heart disease and osteoporosis . It would be better if you can start at an early age, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start if you are older.
  • Avoid using pharmaceutical drugs since they have deleterious side effects . If you can maintain a healthy level of lifestyle, you won’t need them.
  • Stay away from pollutants, chemicals and toxins, which could also, includes those personal hygiene products, bug sprays, household cleaners, insecticides, air fresheners and pesticides if you can. There are non-toxic alternatives that are safe for usage.



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