What we should know about Muscle Strength Training


These days, people accepts the fact that muscle strength training is the most decisive factor for building solid muscle, lose fat, increase endurance and in general promote excellent health.

muscle strength training
muscle strength training


But before we start with our topic, let’s define the meaning of strength training. It is the exercise method wherein we increase our physical strength throughout a series of targeted exercises. Strength training can be divided into two subcategories:

a) Strength Training in Weight lifting and Bodybuilding

b) Strength Training without Body-weight Increase

Strength in weight lifting and bodybuilding can be obtained lifting weight and muscle and muscle-building. Strength training in bodybuilding is part of the annual, periodic schedule.

Strength training without body-weight is common for athletes who want to gain strength in an effort to accomplish their goals. They manage to increase their strength by means of playing sport, meaning that they aren’t using any weight to give their work out some resistance. Biking, basketball, football need strength for player to be able to raise their playing level.

Now, that we are done with the subcategories, let’s head on to some reasons why strength is so crucial:

1) Increased Endurance

Research has proven that strength training can also improve our endurance. With an increased endurance, we can work out more.

2) More Muscle

Being stronger means having more muscles that we can use to lift heavier objects. Those two factors are closely related. As we develop strength, we also build more muscles.

3) Strength Builds Self-Confidence

Being strong means being able to walk the streets without the fear of someone attacking you, at least something close to that. In general, stronger people are much more self-confident and self-discipline, and this helps to achieve their goals much faster.

4) Losing Fat

Since we also build muscle when we gain strength, our body becomes a fat-burning furnace. Muscle burns fats so the more muscle we have, the more fat we burn, even when we are resting.

Here, are some ways to build up our strength:

a) Try Reaching your Limits

Give your strength an extra boost by performing one or two reps more than you normally do.

b) More Reps Less Weight

This is the most recommended way to increase your strength. Keep your rep range at 10 to 12 and the weight load at 70% of your maximum lift.

c) More Speed

Perform the exercises quicker in order to involve more muscle fibers for the movement. More muscle fibers involvement ultimately leads to strength increase.

Muscle strength training is obligatory for any athlete regardless of the sport activity he is into. It is the basic element for any muscle or physique development.


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