The Difference between a Bodybuilder and a Boxer in Strength Training

Everybody has their goals when it comes to strength training. Some do it to have a fit body while others want to excel in a particular sport, and of course there are those who want to be healthy to manage their diseases like diabetes, heart ailments and other serious conditions. And it is because of these goals that we tend t follow different exercise routine to achieve our desired goal.

A bodybuilder's goal is different from that of a boxer
A bodybuilder’s goal is different from that of a boxer

However, a big muscle doesn’t really translate to being stronger as there are guys who have big muscles, but aren’t as strong as an athlete with a slender body. Take a look at boxers and an average weight lifter, you may think that those guys who spend most of their days in the gym are stronger than the boxer, but the truth is that the boxer is much stronger than the other guy. Bodybuilders spend their time at the gym for the purpose of build bulky muscles. They want to build large muscles because it attracts the opposite sex. On the other hand, boxer exercises because they want to become stronger and win in their boxing matches.

The two got different goals, so they train differently. It is obvious for a bodybuilder to lift heavy weights since they want to have big muscles while the boxers exercises are compose of many repetition with a lighter weight because they want to have endurance and the strength that they can use during matches. Though the two got different goals, they started with the same thinking. Both of them want to become stronger at first. The bodybuilder wants to become to be able to lift heavier weight while the boxer would want to develop their strength to win matches.

Now as they become stronger, the goal of a bodybuilder changes while the goal of a boxer remains the same. As the bodybuilder become stronger, he tends to use it to lift heavier weights than he used to lift. The boxer’s workouts remain the same as he just wants to become stronger.

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