What Women should know about Weight Lifting and Weight Loss


Contrary to what most women knew, weightlifting can’t help women to lose weight. However, if you want to lose inches off your waist then weightlifting is the answer that could help you lose weight?

weight loss and weight lifting for women
weight loss and weight lifting for women


Whenever women perform weight lifting, they burn calories, which is an important step to losing weight. Muscle burn fats so if you have more muscles then you will be burning greater number of calories, even if, you are resting.

Proper nutrition also plays an important role to losing weight. Lower carbohydrate consumption should be part of any diet plan, and the higher protein consumption both supports the muscle building process and burns off more calories to digest than do fats and carbs.

The combination of weight lifting and dieting makes a great pair to shed those pounds off your body. Women don’t have to fear having wobbly skin under the arms. They would also have a deeper cleavage and a healthy glow to the skin and face – all are pleasant changes most women desire.

Though, you want to lose weight, it will help if you don’t focus too much on losing weight since that is not the right mindset. Weight loss should not be your goal as weight lifting will never help you achieve a lighter frame. Remember that muscle is by far denser than fat, also weighs more than fat. The body is designed to rid itself of unnecessary muscle while maintaining fat stores for future energy needs. Weightlifting helps to preserve the muscle you have, and maybe even add a bit more.

Women don’t need to fear having bulky muscles as this is never going to happen. The women’s body doesn’t produce the same amount of testosterone that men does. With weight lifting – you might get stronger, without growing those bulky muscles. What you are going to have are firm muscles.

Working out lifting weights effectively helps in shaping women’s bodies and achieve the look they want without losing weight. Since muscle is denser than fat, your weight may well stay may not change. In some cases, women become heavier than they use to be. But then wouldn’t you rather be fit, healthy, shapely, sexy and energetic than skinny, tired and unhealthy? To achieve the body you want, start your weightlifting program today!

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