5 Grounds Why a Company needs to apply for Corporate Fitness Training Program


There are five reasons why a company should have corporate fitness training program. Most of the most successful companies today (Google, eBay, Facebook) knew the benefits of providing corporate fitness training to their employees. The training includes both physical training (bootcamp, circuit, boxercise, yoga, pilates) and holistic services (nutritional seminars, health testing, meditation), catering to all staff needs.

  1. Improves office morale. In a survey conducted by Medibank Private (2005), researchers had discovered that, in relation to Australian workers, healthy employees are nearly three times more productive than employees who aren’t healthy or has poor health. Although company productivity and creativity are never easy to measure, improved employee morale and productivity can largely affect the success of a business. A lot of companies nowadays spend small fortunes on one-off events (office drinks, paint ball, rock climbing) because these activities provide a short-term boost in office morale. However, the problem comes after weeks of the event. This is also a costly that the company may not see any return on their investment.
  2. Increases employee engagement and activity levels. With more and more data that come out concerning the importance of regular exercise and increases in sedentary jobs, it makes sense to promote physical activities to all staff.
  3. Increased productivity and quality of work. In a study conducted by Jim McKenna from the University of Bristol, he discovered that after exercising, the work performance of employees becomes higher as shown by better time management and improved mental sharpness. This is also emphasized with quality of work, with employees that attribute in an increase in work quality to increase in energy levels after exercising.
  4. Reduce workplace injury and associated costs. Most healthy employees have a less risk of getting sick compared to their unhealthy counterparts. This helps the employer save money because they don’t have to pay medical bills.
  5. Improves your mental health. In Australia, for every full-time employee with untreated depression costs an organization $9,665 per year and 50 percent of employees have a tendency of suffering from a mental health problem at one point in their lives.

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