Fitness Training 101 – Neuro Fat Loss Training

Neuro fat loss training sounds something new, right? Back somewhere in 2010, Dr. Kareem Samhouri, created the concept. He claimed that the new training system is for the purpose of establishing a starting use for communication, which described how your body be able to perk up can improve the way your body converse with its own central nervous system so that it could help you achieve a better and more effective workout.


Neuro fat loss training is one of the newest way to lose weight
Neuro fat loss training is one of the newest way to lose weight

First, you need to know Neuro fitness and it can be capable of changing your workout habits to be able to achieve your goal. Dr. Samhouri claimed that the muscle contraction throughout the workout can be activated by the central nervous system. Now, you will want this signal to be strong if you want the system to work. As you build more muscles, you also burn more fats from your body, which result to fat loss.

If you want to attain that certain point, then you need a training system that would help attain your goal. The training must build muscles more rapidly as it burns more fats as fast as it builds muscles.

This article cannot cover the whole idea behind neuro fitness as it is simply too wide. However, it gives us a summary, which will let us understand a little about the whole thing. This training can help you achieve your goals.

How to do it?

Here, are some of the principles you have to abide by:

  1. Do multi-planar actions with workouts that force your body to move forward, backward, and do rotational movements.
  2. These exercises should be performed with altering speeds with both of them done is fast-paced and slow movements.
  3. Try to keep your exercises as balanced as possible. Everything must be balanced, or else everything will fail.
  4. Be active as possible as not moving reduces the strength of neural signaling.

Overall, neuro fitness training cannot be taken lightly as is too hard to follow. You need to work harder than before and change your usual routine to achieve your fitness goal.

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