Best 12 Celebrity Weight Loss winners for 2012

To celebrate the New Year, let’s remember some of the celebrities considered a winner since they lost at least a pound. This will be the start of the new articles on this blog. I have been thinking about writing a news articles in this blog, but I was so caught up with the SEO articles.

Jennifer Hudson is one of the celebrity weight loss winners for 2012
Jennifer Hudson is one of the celebrity weight loss winners for 2012

Jessica Simpson

She is on the first my list since she managed to lived up to her Weight Watchers contract. She had lost an incredible 60 pounds after she gave birth to her daughter Maxwell in May.
Snooki took the number two spot since Jersey Shore don’t give her much time to shed those baby baby weight after giving birth to her son, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle last august 26.
LeAnn Rimes
Some people believe that she had suffered from a possible, eating disorder because she lost weight all of a sudden. In an interview with Chelsea Handler, she said: “I was a baby! I was fat. I had baby fat. I grew up. I work out. There’s nothing else to explain.”
Nicole Richie
Paris Hilton’s friend now has a much healthier frame than ever before. To think that she used to had a rail-thin figure.
Jennifer Hudson
People are already used to the fact that Jennifer Hudson is fat, but people who would see him now will be surprised at her physique. She had lost 80 pounds in 2010 after giving birth to David Jr. in 2009.
Mariah Carey
She was able to keep her slim figure all these years. Just last year, she gave birth to twins of her twins Monroe and Moroccan.
Kristen Cavallari
The Hills beauty, 25, quickly got back into shapeshape after giving birth to her son with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, Camden Jack, on August 8.
After giving birth, back in January to her daughter Blue Ivy, she manages to slim back to her former self after losing around 60 pounds. She said that she had been eating lettuce and had been spending most of her time in the treadmill.
Alessandra Ambrosio
The Victoria’s Secret supermodel wasted little time to shed the excess pounds after she gave birth to her son Noah. The Brazilian beauty got back into shape after having the boy in May.
Hilary Duff
Her figure is back to where it was before after giving birth to Luca in march.
Jordin Sparks
American Idol’s sixth season winner lost 50 pounds and four dress sizes in 2012, “I just wanted to be healthy,” she told Shape, outlining the diet-and-workout plan that worked for her.
Katherine Jenkins
The Opera beauty lost 21 while she participated in the dance hit show Dancing with the Stars this spring. In an interview with Mail Online, she said: “I like to be curvy, so I’m trying not to lose any more, but I do want to be healthy, too. There are so many skimpy costumes to wear — that scares me.”

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