Eating after 6 PM Myth

This is one of the most popular fitness myths that I have heard so far. Popular since, most of my gym mates and the gym instructors often talks about it and believe it. I’m talking about the idea that eating after 6 pm is in some way a bad thing.

after 6 pm
eating after 6 pm

Well, late night eaters don’t have anything to worry about as this is just a myth. The truth is that you need to something after 6 pm if you want to build muscles!

Researchers have proven that eating small meals is best for someone who wants to lose weight. However, some know-it-all tells you to stop that practice at the stroke of 6PM, almost as if you would turn into a pumpkin if you didn’t obey. Why?!? Your body, as always, craves routine and pattern. Developing a healthy pattern of nutrient availability by having something to eat every few hours is good. Then stopping this pattern and putting the whole concept on hold for 12 hours is not good! Really not good!

Some bodybuilders even set their alarm clock at night to reinforce this point. In order to keep up that metabolic pattern they’ve established by setting their alarm twice throughout the night so they can get up and go have a snack every 3 hours throughout their sleep.

Afterwards, you have your dinner and then have something again later on, before bed. Experts do agree that in order to assist in protein synthesis and muscle regeneration over night, you add a bit more on the protein side. Protein shakes, cottage cheese, yogurt and some berries, or a small bowl of high protein cereal with some skim milk would be perfect.

Following the urban myth, will only do you harm than good. This will only result to heavier you since you tend to compensate for all the foods that you didn’t eat before.


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