6 Bodyweight Myths about building muscles


Bodyweight training must have been the least popular way to exercise since most health conscious people do not like to do them because of the exercise myths that haunt this form of exercise. However, most of the beliefs on bodyweight exercises not supported by scientific studies. Here are the top 5 bodyweight myths that you should get to know.

bodyweight exercises can be use to build muscles
bodyweight exercises can be use to build muscles

Myth #1: Bodyweight Exercises are not ideal for building Muscle

Most people like to turn their bodyweight exercise in a cardio routine simply because it does not have enough resistance on it. That is where this belief had originated.

If you want to build bulky muscles, then you should stress it and force it t grow. For example, you are using push as an exercise routine; you can put something on your back to add resistance. It could be a heavy bag, book or anything else that would add some resistance.

Myth #2: Long Routines, are effectual in building muscles

Again, this exercise already is a cardio routine because you are not putting enough stress on the muscle. That is the reason why most experts would tell you that strength training need to last not more than 45 minutes.

Myth #3 : Bodyweight Routines, will not help you to build muscles

Contrary to common beliefs that they are only good for maintaining the body’s fitness level, they can only help you build muscle if done right. All you need is to add some resistance from anything that you can in your home.

Myth #4 : They are use for maintaining fitness level

As stated above, they can help you build muscle since there are more than hundred ways to exercises using bodyweight. All you need is to learn and perform the right routine to turn those fats into bulky muscles.

Most of the exercise routines might be easy, but there are some that would give you a hard time exercising. Choose the best one that would challenge you and keep at it.

Myth #5: A High Number of reps translates to bulky muscles

Some people tend to think that this is true since the person performing high number of repetitions got a lot of energy. Most people think that the reason behind it is that person has more muscles in them than anyone else. However, it is further from the truth as a high number of repetition would never give someone brawny muscles. The muscles will just become toner and stronger.

Myth #6: Weights are needed if you want to have a large muscle

People tend to go to the gym because they think that bodyweight exercises are not enough to give them large muscles. However, what most people do not know is that muscles cannot distinguish resistance coming from exercise machines, bodyweight or exercise machine. The muscle cannot think as thinking is the brain’s job.

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