Eat less and lose weight myth

Most people are use to the fact that they must eat less if they want to lose weight. However, new researchers have proven that this is not the right approach if you want to achieve weight loss. They claimed that if you eat often than you should have then you will be successful at your weight loss goal.

eating less will not make you lose weight
eating less will not make you lose weight

One of the studies was dated back in 1996, researchers found out that eating more actually helps you to lose weight. To formulate their conclusion, the examiner had grouped the participants into two groups, Group one and group two. The first group consumed two meal daily, while the second group munch on 6 meals daily. After the study researchers had discovered that Group 2 lost he most number of body fat compared to Group 1, who only had 2 meals daily.

Researchers believe that the reason behind this is that the more often you have a meal, the faster the metabolism works, and therefore, the body doesn’t store all the food you eat. If you want to lose weight, you must consume 6 servings of food daily that is approximately one meal per 3 hours. In some cases, you can eat additional food. For a lot of people, they believe that eating less will allow their body to use the fat for the required energy. That is a mistake as the body tends to use the muscle and convert it into energy, which results to a decreased metabolism.

That is the reason why many excessive diets always fail. People tend to set their caloric needs to the lowest, so the body didn’t have enough energy that is used by the metabolism. With the decrease of the caloric intake, people the process repeats itself until it comes to the point where the person only eats zero calories daily, but still gets even fatter.

The best approach is stimulating the metabolism by means of a weight-training plan that let the body build muscles. Since muscle burns fat, it could lead to weight loss. The weight training program should be accompanied with consuming an ample supply of calories to help the metabolism working fine.



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