Overtraining Myth – The truth about overtraining


Most of The fitness enthusiasts were guilty of overtraining myths when they were just starting out exercising. This is only natural; there is nothing to be shy about as it is just common for someone to overdo things when they are just new. This helps them to learn. However, the body finds it difficult to bear this sudden and extreme change and starts suffering in the form of muscular tension or sore muscles. A recovery usually takes more than usual time. Overtraining myth happens when either the work load is too much or the rest time or recovery time is too low.


A guy who trains more than he could
A guy who trains more than he could

Because of this reason the person starts deviating from the physical activity without realizing that no exercise or physical activity is to be blamed for all this, rather it is overtraining myth that has resulted to stressing the body and strain on the brain. This could lead to depression and longer durations of a bad mood, which impart negative effects on overall health.

No expert would advise you to do so much in a little time. The philosophy of slow and steady should have always be implemented.

Intensity of Training

A good workout gives you the feeling of hard work because it raises your heart rate to a certain level that you start feeling exertion and your body signals you of something that is out of routine. A slightly higher intensity workout can result to tiny tears in your muscle fibers. Only after the training session that the body get the time to repair these tears, helping the muscle to grew bigger than before.

Low Intensity Training

One disadvantage with low intensity training is that doesn’t result to muscle fiber tear. This is a disadvantage since the muscle never has a chance to grow bigger. By saying low intensity, I mean that you are not using the right weights, doing fewer reps or taking long rests between the sets.

High Intensity Training

Exercising at a high intensity rate means that the muscles are not getting sufficient time to grow back and recover, and that can cause the overtraining myth to set in. In terms of body building, the overtraining myth can be a cause from training a muscle group before it has had time to get fully recovered from the last session. This can take place when you train each body part 2-3 times a week. The muscle can recover from training after 24 to 48 hours have passed since the training session. Muscle grew after this period.

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