The Lower abs myth

A lot of people have been searching for the best exercise to flatten their lower abs. However, all their efforts are in vain because they are searching on the other side of the town. Simply put, there is no best exercise to flatten the lower abs.

There is no best way to exercise the lower abs
There is no best way to exercise the lower abs

This is the way most people think. They believe that doing more sit-ups and crunches will enable them to achieve a smaller lower abs. While it is true that muscles do burn fats, the muscles in the lower abs will also make the belly bigger. As your belly becomes bigger, you will look fatter.

The best way to have a fine lower abs is to work on other parts of the body. This will make your belly appear smaller. So, there is no need to look for the best abs workout routine as there is no best way to work your abs. As you develop the other parts of your body, the lower abs will look like they are much smaller than they really are. In other words, your body will look like sexy if is proportionate.

What you need to know is how to raise your metabolism and exercising all the body parts. You can raise the metabolism by eating six times a day. For the exercising all the body parts, it would take you a lot of time to finish working out all the body parts. So just focus on the ones that you want to develop and the rest of the body parts will be slimmer.

Don’t forget about the nutrition in the food you eat. Eat junk food will not help you to lose weight since they are not going to satisfy your hunger. They will only make you bigger since you will crave for them even more. Eat the right food and lose weight since they can fill your stomach quickly.

To summarize it, there is no superior lower abs exercise. If you want to look sexy then you should exercise the other body parts. Eat six times a day and avoid junk foods. Stick with these tips and you will get sexy in not time.


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