Myth about Low Carb Diets

If you want to lose weight, you must eat low carb foods. Follow a carbohydrate restricted diet. This has been proven on a lot of studies before. However, some people still say things like: “Low carb diets are the wrong approach to effective weight loss” and “Exercise and carb restriction don’t mix.”

low carb diet
Low carb diet helps you to lose weight, but there are some myths that you need to know about it.

There is a reason why they are saying this. It is because lower carbohydrate diets are essential for controlling insulin a key factor in health and weight loss.

Most people get confused when it comes to exercise and low carbohydrate diets. If you exercise and eating low carb food, you will find out that exercising is harder. Of course, you will feel it if you are not accustomed to using fat as your primary fuel source.

Carbohydrate has something to do with diets and exercise. In the early 80’s, there were studies on how very low carbohydrate diets (as low as 3% of calories) affected the performance of endurance athletes. Most of the people who are engaged with endurance training gets too obsessed with carbohydrates.

In one study (The Vermont Study), participants got restricted to a low carb diet for 6 weeks, and in the second study, (The MIT Study) subjects got forced to reduce their carbohydrate diet for 4 weeks. During the first week of the two studies, most of the subjects were complaining of being lethargic. However, after the two studies, the participants were not experiencing any decrease in peak aerobic performance. In the MIT Study, researchers found out that athletes were burning their fats throughout their endurance workouts were from fat.

Perhaps the decisive factor here is that the body needs time to adapt to function properly on low carbs. You might feel lazy during those times, but it is not permanent. The two studies have proven that exercise and low cab diets can work.

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