Strength Training 101 – Understanding the concept behind 1-rep max test

If you’re a regular guy in the gym then you have probably heard the 1-rep max. For those who aren’t familiar with the term. 1-rep max is used for measuring the strength of a person, and commonly utilized in physical wellness agenda as well as sports such as weightlifting and power lifting. To be exact, it is lifting the heaviest mass you can raise in an exercise. This is one of the necessary components of most strength training programs practiced by people who are into sports.

1-rep max test to test your strength
1-rep max test to test your strength

It is important that anyone who is into strength training should know about their 1-rep max limit so that they could know level of their strength, prior to starting their strength training program. The outcome will help you find out about the weight that you can lift. This is eminent for the creation of weight lifting because it must be based on the maximum weight that you can lift.

There are two formulas to calculate the 1-rep max – Epley and Brzycki formulas. You must find which one if right for you. If you are determine to calculate the 1-rep max then you use the apps found on most health websites. For sure, they can help you determine the maximum weight that you can lift. Trying to push yourself to the limit may not be a good idea if you are doing know about the maximum weight that you can lift.

Knowing the particular value of the weight that you are capable of lifting is required for intensive training. Accuracy is just as weighty like consistency and effort. There are also some values that one needed to find out how much load you must set the weight.

The exact 1-rep measure is also needed in determining and marking progress in a strength training program and proved how well can you achieved your goal. It also helps trainers to grade the strength of the muscles based on standard median. These medians are used to determine the strength ratio of a trainee. You can get the answer by dividing the total that had been lifted in 1-rep max through their body weight.

Perhaps the most important thing here is that 1-rep max testing can be done without using any machine. The novice only utilizes free weights. The method is considered as the best choice strength testing worldwide.

1-rep max is believed not with the same level as other approaches. The trainee would feel accomplish when know how much weight they can lift. This approach will become the lifters standard as they go ahead with their strength training routine.

Prior to taking the 1-rep max test, you need to do some warm-up exercises to better prepare yourself. You can start by using the warm-up exercise that you are already using. If you have a training partner than that would be great as they can spot the weights for you.


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