Perform Strength Training Exercises to up the level of Testosterone

Testosterone otherwise known as steroid hormones responsible for building the muscles of both male and female. Most people think that testosterone level only applies to male since they are the ones who are likely to have big muscles, but that is not true as testosterone can also be found among women. A healthy male produces around 300 to 1000 mg/dl while have much lower levels of testosterone, averaging 70 around age 20 and decreasing to 35 as they reach menopausal stage.

Testosterone, the hormone that makes people feel better
Testosterone, the hormone that makes people feel better

Testosterone is the hormone that creates bulky muscle produces a deeper voice among men. It also helps men to produce sperm and aids them to recover faster than any female after an injury occur. In women, testosterone helps to raise sex drive and number of orgasms, and lowers risk of acquiring osteoporosis. Through a laboratory test, certified technician are able to tell us if we have a normal count of this hormone. However, there are some clues that could tell us if this hormone is low.

In men:

  • Low testosterone can present itself with constant fatigue;
  • Increased levels of fat;
  • Low sex drive or an inability to achieve erections;
  • Depression or other psychological disorders can indicate low levels of testosterone.

In women:

  • Decreased sex drive;
  • Loss of energy;
  • Decreased muscle tone;
  • Dry skin;
  • And brittle hair.

Experts believe that strength training is the answer to upping the number of testosterone level. This means that men will build large and bulk muscle while women will have strong and firmer muscles. Experts recommend compound exercises for increasing the testosterone count. With compound exercises, you are able to increase your muscle mass as a much faster rate than normal.

3 Recommended Compound Exercises:

  1. Bench press – builds chest, shoulder, tricep and abdominal muscles or core muscles.
  2. Squats – quadriceps or thighs, hamstrings, gluteal muscles or butt, calves and the abs.
  3. Deadlift – works the lower back, hamstring, quadriceps, gluteal, abs, and hamstring at the same time.

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