5 Guidelines to living a Healthy Lifestyle throughout College


Nothing can beat College when it comes to the best moment in a man’s life. It is the time when you get to learn what you need to know about your dream job. It is also the time for meeting your love one since when you are working; you will not have as much as free time as before. However, you cannot enjoy it if you are not living a healthy lifestyle because it would affect your mood as well as your grades in academics.


College students should live a healthy lifestyle to enjoy their time in college
College students should live a healthy lifestyle to enjoy their time in college

Below are some guidelines to live a healthy life. This would require a portion of your time.

  1. Workout: A fifteen to twenty minutes run would be enough after weight training. Nonetheless, playing basketball would be more fun. Experts say that an average apprentice can burn around 500 calories all through a basketball pastime, which is better compared to a 15-minute run on a treadmill. Cardio is a nice way to prepare your body for the strenuous exercise routine and prevents injury from happening. Like cardio, weight training is just as weighty so try to balance the two in your schedule. By working out, you can increase your endorphins production. Endorphins are the hormones that control your happiness. So, the more endorphins your body produce, the more you will feel good about yourself.
  2. Eat smaller meals: six smaller meals are far better than three large meals. Eating smaller meals allows your body to increase its metabolism. A good supply of water and food are essential so that you can have the energy needed for all the lessons that you need to learn. If you are eating junk food, try to limit your consumption or as much as possible get rid of those junk food if you can.
  3. Limited time: Since you are in college, you do not have as much free time to exercise. Well, that is where you are wrong. You can find the time, only if you look for it. Most students have around two to three hours of free time. Use them wisely by visiting the gym nearest you.
  4. Alcohol consumption: Since peer pressure is also strong in college, you some of your friends might invite you for a drink. This cannot be help as most college students do that. However, you should try to limit drinking alcohol as much as possible. Alcoholic beverage has a high concentration of sugar in them so it would make you fat. Even those “light drinks” will make you fat; in fact, they are the ones that contribute most to a person becoming fat. Since it is light, you tend to drink more of those. Even if, it has less sugar from the regular ones, they still contain sugar and by drinking many, you are getting fat without you noticing it.
  5. Eating prior to sleeping: Never eat when it is time to sleep because all the food that you eat will not be burn, they are just going to turn into fat. Since you are resting, your body tends to work less than before. If you want to eat at night, then you can eat 2 hours prior to sleeping. This way, you are sure that all the food is already consumed by the body before you got to sleep.



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