8 Reasons to Start a Healthy Lifestyle Now

Why do you want to live a healthy lifestyle ? The answer that you would get from different people varies according to their objectives. But one thing is for sure, all of the reasons that you would encounter have something to do with their lifestyle.

healthy lifestyle
healthy lifestyle

With no further ad due, let’s delve into the most some reasons why they want a healthy lifestyle.

1. Weight loss

Some people tend to go on a diet without even exercising. Yes, they do lose weight, but they also lose lean muscles that help you to achieve a well-toned body. Without muscle, you’ll get a saggy skin. Muscle also burns fat even when you are resting. Limiting calories will only do you more harm than good because it slows your metabolism causing you to slow down your metabolism causing you to gain weight as soon as you increase those calories again. The best way to lose weight is through the combined efforts of diet and exercise.

2. Maintains an ideal body weight

Healthy diet and exercise helps to stabilize your weight and would let you stay away from dangerous fad diets. Fad diets may help you at first, but they are hard to maintain and you’ll surely gain all the pounds that you lose on your body. In some cases, the people that use fad diets tend to be much bigger than when they first started with the Fad diet.

3. Faster metabolism

For sure, you have a heard a lot people connecting slow metabolism why they are fat. When I was younger, I tend to think that it is impossible to lose weight since my metabolism is too slow. Well, now that I have grown up, I realized that it is just a myth. The things that we eat and do with our lives affects our metabolism.

Calorie restrictive diets make disorder in the metabolism, but an effective nutrition and exercise plan can definitely speed up your metabolism, which allows it to burn off those excess kilos.

4. More sustained endurance and muscular strength

Most people believe that they need to be a bodybuilder or an athlete to feel the benefits of an increased strength and endurance. The truth is that you don’t have to have bulky muscles to experience the benefit of an increased strength and endurance. All you need is to have a well designed program that fits your needs. Stay with that program for several months and you will see what I am taking about.

For women, they tend to think that increased muscular strength would mean that they will have bulky biceps and so forth, but that would not happen. Men have lots of testosterone that enable them to build those bulky muscles, while women don’t have enough testosterone to build those bulky muscles.

5. Better cardio respiratory system

As your endurance improves, your respiratory system also develops. You’ll notice that you can run faster without running out of breath.

6. More strength in the bones, ligaments, and tendons

Weight bearing exercises and a sensible regimen of resistance training will not only strengthen the muscles but will benefit the entire skeletal system and connective tissues that reduce the risk of injury.

7. Greater muscle mass

Muscle needs calories to burn to convert it to energy. When more calories get burned during the day, you’ll see that your metabolism functions faster too. Muscle mass also makes people more attractive.

8. Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure means a bad omen for the body as it could lead to strokes or heart attacks. Though, medication can help you control blood pressure, medicine can also cause other ailments such as nephritic syndrome. Nephritic syndrome is the term used to describe swelling in the kidney. With a healthy lifestyle, you don’t need to fear anything since it would never result to any harmful ailments.

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