Coca Cola’s new ads talks about Obesity

It seems that Coca-Cola wants to change how the world wants to see sodas as they are trying to get out of the bad side of those who likes to watch their weight. Since the beginning of time, this is the first time that it addresses obesity on its ads.

Coca Cola new ads tackles obesity
Coca Cola new ads tackles obesity

By Monday, the world’s biggest bottling company is set to premiere its first ads about obesity, wherein the ad will run for around two minutes throughout as the highest-rated shows on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC so that viewers of the said show can see how concern they are about health. The ad shows how their soft drink has the least amount of calories and claims that people should not blame soda on why they are getting fat since there are other foods and drinks that make people fat. Too much of anything would make anyone fat.
For Coca-Cola, the ads imitate the pressure that it gives to the other industries. Soon after this year, New York City will be enacting its first-in-the-nation cap on the size of soft drinks sold at movie theaters, sports arenas, and restaurants. The Cambridge mayor got inspired by the move, so he decided to present a similar thing to his constituents.
After PepsiCo Inc., the rival of Coca Cola hires the service of Beyonce to represent them, detractors beg the singer to forget about the contract or donate the money to health programs.
In the past, research has it that sugary drink makes people even fatter. A decade ago there was a study about how sugary drinks enhance weight gain.
According to Michael Jacobson, who is the executive director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Coca-Cola should not stop soda taxes if they really want to help people to lose weight.
The group does not like the soft drink industry and even created their own ad last year wherein it shows how the bears are acquiring diabetes and other health related problems.
Coca-Cola insisted that the ads were not created as a response to the negative reaction. They just want to prove to the world that their product is low in calorie.
The company did not want to divulge how much money they spend for the ads. They did not also say anything about their plans for the future. But, they are surely implying that people should move more to burn the calories off their bodies.
The company already put how many calorie is present in their soda bottles and cans. On the previous, they already started their campaign by posting about the calorie count on their vending machines prior to the regulation getting implemented by the year 2014.
According to the industry tracker Beverage Digest, despite the availability of diet sodas, the consumption of sodas in the US seems to be declining since way back in 1998. Even with the growing popularity of diet sodas, however, overall soda consumption in the U.S. has declined steadily since 1998,

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