Suggested Ways to lose weight while travelling

New Year and what better way to celebrate it better than traveling. Yes, traveling must have been one of the most famous ways to celebrate an event. Since traveling is very popular these times, I thought of ways to work out while traveling.

Let’s not lose our battle of the bulge. Let’s try to have an active lifestyle even though; we are busy going somewhere else. Here are a few ideas that will help you to lose weight while on a trip.

a guy enjoying his trip
a guy enjoying his trip

Workout in Your Room

There are workout routines that can be easily done in a narrow space like a hotel room. On-the-spot jumping allows you to have a good cardio workout inside the hotel. Other exercises that you could try are squats, push ups, chair dips, leg raises and crunches as they don’t require any equipment, and still give you an exhilarating workout to help achieve weight loss goals.


walking can be done by anybody. You don’t need to pay for someone to help you walk. It is an important way to lose weight while you are traveling. On your business trip, you can still walk while enjoying the sights. Enjoy and explore along as you walk. This will allow you to relax and burn those calories off your body at the same time.

Best way to force yourself to walk is to book for a hotel that is far away from the city center. Not only you will save some money, but you are also forcing yourself to have an exercise.

Fitness Centers

If you have the budget then choose a GOOD fitness center. Take note on the way I emphasize ‘good’. This is because there are a lot of hotels offering a sad excuse for a fitness center. It is just full of old equipments. For sure, such place will not inspire you to do a weight loss workout.

Drink Water

There are times when travelers would have often forgotten the most obvious items like WATER on their bag. Stay hydrated by drinking enough water. This will allow your metabolism to become sluggish, making it more difficult for you to achieve your weight loss goal.

Eating Healthy Away From Home

Finding the strength to stay away from sweets and fatty food are even more difficult when you are hundreds of miles away from your home. Food can be found anywhere, and most of them aren’t healthy. It is alright to enjoy some food delicacy but not to the extent that you are over indulging yourself to this unhealthy food.

To avoid junk foods, stop by a local grocery store and pick up a healthy snack; a handful of nuts or a few pieces of fruit would do a long way on your effort to lose weight. Most restaurants also have a menu of light (calorie-wise) meals nowadays, made especially for those people who have weight loss goals.

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