Strength Training for the upper body

So many people focus on building their lower body that their legs tend to look like a trunk. As a general rule, if you already got muscle mass on your lower body then you just need to spend a little time working on it. You should focus on building the upper body through strength training since that is what you need.

The upper body must also be develop if you want to look good

Top athletes in the professional level have a balanced upper and lower body. In short, their workouts are not focused on just one part. They have a complete workout, which enable them to compete in top professional level. That is the reason why they are called stars.Here are lists of upper body exercises that you can try:

Chest Exercises

Bench press must have been the best way to build the upper body. It can be done through the use of dumbbells or barbell. You must regularly perform it if you want results.

Chest Isolation Exercises

1. Incline dumbbell press – A good workout for deltoids, triceps, and shoulders.

2. Decline barbell press – Gives your lower pecs a good workout. Beginner should never engage themselve with this exercise as this is made for the advanced user. The routine should never be done alone since you need someone to help you spot the barbell.

3. Cable flys – You can use the fly machine whether you are in a sited or standing position. Aside from working the upper body, they also give back and core a good workout.

Shoulder Exercises

1. Lateral raises – Can be done with either cables or dumbbells.

2. Kettlebell upright rows – This is recommended for intermediate users, who wants something new from their workout routine. This gives them some alternative to their usual routine.

Bicep Exercises

1. Curl – This is perhaps the most popular way to exercise those biceps.

2. Close grip chin up – This exercise can be done in your home or at the gym.

The upper body should also be given some importance to help you look good. Doing lower body exercise alone will only turn you into something funny. Your legs will just look-like a trunk if you are just exercising them.

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