Body Weight Exercises – Strength training without using weights or machines

When it comes to strength training, everyone seems to be depending on weights and machines. While this is may be the best way to train, there are times when we must train without using weight or machines. A lot of people who supports their family don’t have the time to go to a commercial gym. Some may be fortunate enough to buy machines because they have the money to spare, but, unfortunately, this is not the case; ordinary people used their money to support their family’s need. Aside from that, lots of trainees (beginners or athletes training for boxing, baseball or some other sport) who aren’t trying to get a lot of muscular bulk but want the type of strength, endurance and definition that callisthenic exercise offers.


body weight training
body weight training

These exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere, and you can do it as long as you want. If you want to grow your muscle, you need to stress your muscle enough to force it to grow bigger. The key factor that you should remember is that stress doesn’t need to come from weights or machines. It can come from your body weight, gravity, instability, or momentum. Most athletes such as professional athletes such as gymnasts are incredibly strong, but they can’t be seen in the weight room every day lifting heavy weights. Their strength is developed through rigorous training with gymnastic-specific training such as work on the beam, rings and the floor that is essentially weight training without weights.

When it comes to weight training without weights, nothing can beat pushups and squats. They are mostly performed at home, but they can also be performed almost anywhere. Aside from the two exercises, there are other ways; you can exercise without the use of weights or machines. Pull ups can help improve your back and arm. Inverted rows, basically horizontal pull ups, require a bar as well but could be done by hanging off the side of a table. Dips are great for working the chest and triceps and can be done by using two sturdy chairs. Plyometrics exercises serve best for improving the strength for legs. Overall you can succeed to strengthen your body through the use of body weight, even though you just limit yourself to variations of squats and pushups.

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