Strength Training to show off in the beach

The start of New Year promises new things for everyone. Most people make a their New Year’s resolution of getting fit and getting stronger. For some, getting the year right is just right for them to get motivated, but some people are not that optimistic about starting the New Year right. They need something to look forward to and with summer on the way in just a few months. A lot of people would hope to wear their bikinis in the beach.


Strength training to improve your performance in swimming
Strength training to improve your performance in swimming

Sure, having a fantastic looking body on wearing your best bikini would attract other people’s attention, but how about doing more for yourself. Since going to the beach means swimming, why not also prefer for it so that you can show off to your friends on the water. If you want to impress others as you swim, you will need to develop that muscles used in swimming – arms and legs. An added benefit of strength training meant for swimming is that you will have a noticeably physique made for the beach.

The arms and the legs need to be developed as they provide you with that strong kick and stroke that will allow you to swim faster. Any girl that would see how you swim is probably going to fell in love with you because you excel from the rest. You are probably asking by now on how you could develop those two areas of the body in the gym. You will need to adjust your routine to develop those areas of the body.

Below are some suggested exercise to help you develop the arms and legs:

Cable rotational front and back pulls

The cable pull has the same pattern when swimming through the water. With the help of a high pulley machine, kneel down to the side while your back faces the machine and then bring the pulley across your front to your opposite hip. The hardest part of this workout is probably to keep the posture straight as possible.

Medicine ball single one arm overhead throw

With a help coming from a partner, lie back with your knees bent facing each other. Try to throw the medicine back and forth at the back of your head using a single hand. This motion resembles a stroke. Throw the ball with all the power that you got on your shoulder, but never use your upper body to throw the ball.


Squats are ideal for building muscles for your legs and back that proves you with the power needed to swim fast. Try to do low repetition sets to develop strength. Don’t go rushing with lifting heavy barbell, work your way up to the heaviest weight.

Hip extensions

As you face the low pulley machine while the ankle strap attached to a leg, hold the machine and extend the leg backward until you can push it further. Hold your posture and bring your leg back to a standing position and repeat.

These exercises help in developing strong arms and legs, as well as enable to become a faster swimmer. All you need are just a few adjustments in your current routine.

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