Carmen Tafolla, a woman who fights cancer with a Healthy Lifestyle

Carmen Tafolla, is now fighting cancer and at the same time telling her story to people from all around the world. She had gained popularity as breast cancer patient and a poet at the same time. Telling everyone her battles with the said disease and continues to live a healthy lifestyle.


A writer fights cancer through healthy living
A writer fights cancer through healthy living

In her letter addressed to San Antonio Express News, she talks about not succumbing to the disease. Her mother is a leaving proof that you can win the fight against cancer since she got diagnosed with the disease 58 years ago. Now at the age of 95, she is the inspiration of Carmen on her fight against the dreaded disease.


It was only on June 1, 2012 that Carmen found out that she had a breast cancer. Her doctor said that the therapy would need six months for chemo therapy, which is followed by surgery. The therapy does not stop there as she will need to undergo more chemo after the surgery. Although, the news can already bring anyone on their knees, she managed to gather her strength and seek for more information about cancer. Fortunately, she found M.D. Anderson, who was conducting some researches about the dreaded disease.


M.D. Anderson was a known cancer researcher and discovered how a healthy lifestyle can help people fight against cancer. After reading some of the research of the good doctor, Tafolla found out that cancer cells feed on sugar. So, if you want to kill the cancer cells then you need to deprive them of sugar.


Tafolla decided to live a healthy lifestyle and begin a vegan life as she relies on the power of vegetables and herb to kill the cancer cells. Other than sugar, cancer cells also feeds on chemicals, starch, and animal produce. Daily exercise and ozone therapy (bathe yourself in sunlight early in the morning) also needed if you want to get rid of the cancer cells.


By living a healthy lifestyle you can slow down the development of cancers cells, but cannot kill them. So, she submitted herself to chemotherapy and decided to document her progress. Now, she writes a poem every now and then after her chemo sessions.


With the help of the chemo session, the tumor got reduced to 60 percent of its size. However, she was not contented with just shrinking the tumor as she aims to thoroughly eradicate the cancer cells from her breast, so she is serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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