How can Overweight People start losing weight?

People who are obese or overweight has a hard time losing weight, despite the fact that they are exercising and eating less than before. Some people may see them as lazy, but they are not lazy at all. This article explains why they are not as active as thinner people.

overweight guy sitting on a bench
overweight guy sitting on a bench

In general, the heavier you get the harder it is for you to move compared to that of a thinner man. The weight puts an added pressure to your movement every time you try to do something. Almost all of the overweight people have a problem with controlling their balance. That is the reason why most of them would tend to shy away from performing activities like running, jogging and other form of exercises.

The excess weight on the body puts the person at risk with, Diabetes, Hypothyroid, PCOS and other cardio diseases. Since they are not as active any fit guy, they tend to get tired easily when doing something.

Below are some ways to lose fat for overweight people:

  • Controlled Nutrition: Reduce the daily calorie intake. This does not mean to lessen food consumption at once as it is needed to be done in a slow manner so that the body will get used to the new diet.
  • Movement of the Body: Never start with exercise as it might put too much pressure on your joints. You can start with basic movements like moving your arms and other basic movements to help you prepare for exercising.
  • Activities that you enjoy: A walk in the park or playing basketball should do for now. Better yet, go to the nearest pool and swim. The water has less impact on your joints, so even though you are heavy, the water will help you lift the extra weight.
  • Get social support: Any social support from a family or a friend will help anyone to stay motivated. Sometimes a tap on the back is all you need to keep going with your current exercise routine. Consistency is the secret to getting fit. As you keep going with your routine, the fats will melt away and stay at a minimum level if you are going to be consistent with your exercise routine.
  • Confidence: Confident is essential if you want to lose weight since they keep you motivated for a long time. If you are not confident about yourself, then you might give up early before you can see some changes on your body.

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