Lose it! app now included with Nike+ FuelBand


Last Friday, Mike revealed a new portal for the NIKE+ API. They also unveiled that they had formed a partnership with the weight lose app, LOSE IT!

lose it app gets integrated with FuelBand
lose it app gets integrated with FuelBand

LOSE IT! may already be integrated with various devices, but this will be the first time for them to partner with a third-party app that would combine the data from Fuelband and Nike+.

In an interview with Mobile Health News, LOSE IT! Vice president for marketing Patrick Wetherille, explained how Fitbit works by just recording the number of calories that get burned. Consumers can expect more than that from the integration of LOSE IT! And FuelBand. Consumers can now choose the NikeFuel when challenging their selves or challenging their friends in a weight loss competition.

The weight loss app LOSS IT is among the most popular apps in its industry since it was created.

Wetherille claimed that they have been trying to ingrate the weight loss app with Fuel for a long time. He then added that they would be glad to add Fuel to any devices.

Nike thinks that food logging apps would not get any attention from their users, so, they decided to add a weight loss app instead.

The weight loss app is available for whether you have a free or premium account. On the other hand, both Withings and Fitbit started as a free version than switch to premium after a year. He speculated that only 10 to 15 percent of premium users of Lose It! App used it together with a tracking device.

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