Golf Strength Training cannot be compared to Bodybuilding

Most amateur golfers tend to shy away from strength training since they thought that would affect their game. They believe that their game would be bad since strength training focuses on building muscles and they would have stiffed muscles.

golf game
golf game

Since they are not familiar in the gym, they tend to think that strength training is the same as bodybuilding. It is hard to argue with them since most of these golfers have not yet stepped in the gym before, therefore, differentiating the two would be difficult for them.

The truth is that the two are different. Body building will not help them when playing golf, but golf strength training is different from it; thus it would help to improve your game.

Since bodybuilding focused on building the muscle, the muscle become stiff and affects a golfer’s game. However, golf strength training cannot be compared with bodybuilding. Golf strength training also improves the flexibility so it would help any golfers to improve their game.

Golfers can use dumbbells to strengthen their muscle without building large muscles. However, the weight lifting program is not like the one used in developing muscles in bodybuilding.

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