Weight Loss and Thermoregulation


Thermoregulation is about how animals and people use fat to heat themselves during the cold winter and cool themselves during hot weather. The people who lives in cold countries use this method to heat themselves while those who lives in warm temperature use it to cool themselves.

woman drinking hot cocoa during winter
woman drinking hot cocoa during winter

In thermoregulation, the ambient thermoneutral zone where the energy expenses is minimized so that it would be easier for the body to maintain its internal temperature. When the temperature gets too cold, the process becomes faster, and the body uses the fats stored in the body to produce heat for the body. The more that body uses its fat, the more you lose weight. In hot weather, people coo themselves the natural way by producing sweat. Now, when you sweat, you also melt all those fats off your body.

However, since people are now living in the modern world. People have been used to using technology to heat themselves during the winter and cool themselves throughout the warm season. That is the reason why so many people are getting fat. They do not use the body’s own natural way of thermoregulation.

If you are planning to go to Antartica, you will notice how seals, polar bears, penguins and other animals use thermoregulation. They as much food as they can so that they can last longer even if they cannot find food. This process is known as hibernation. Since you are reading this article, you are aware that when the body uses the fat to heat the body, it also translates to weight loss.

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