The Science of Fitness Training

Currently, fitness training is not like the fitness training that it has been a decade ago as it already evolves to a worse one. Gone are the days wherein bodybuilding routines or pure endurance training rules. Back then people were much active than today, which helps them to be in shape. Most of the people today live a sedentary lifestyle because they sit all day in the office and because of the growing numbers of fast food chains. Fitness trainers need to design a programme that would fit the lifestyle of average people.

fitness training science
fitness training science

So how can you help your client to be fit in these modern times? You need to encourage them to spend at least 60 minutes every session three times weekly. Let them perform warm-up exercises for 5-10 minutes. Gone are the days of static stretching before training. Warm-ups are done to help prepare the muscles for weight training routines of the programme.

Next are the strength training routines, which helps the person to improve their strength and fitness level. People tend to become weaker by leading an unhealthy lifestyle, so they need to perform exercises that will help them to develop their strength. Fitness experts must help their clients understand the importance of plyometric training.

You also need to educate them about the importance of corrective exercise and core training. Sitting all day in front of the computer leaves most people with shoulder problems and poor posture. Corrective exercises will help them attain a good posture while helping them to relieve shoulder problems. When talking about core training, it does not mean hundreds of crunches; several repetitions would be enough, varied with other exercises such as planks, side bend and the likes.

High intensity interval training should also be part of their cardiovascular training. Those long slow, boring cardio are outdated and has been proven not as effective as interval training. In interval training, the client will not burn that many calories during the workout but will gradually burn those calories throughout the day.

Diet should never be ruled out in a fitness training programme as it is the key factor for losing weight. Even if, you are exercising, you still need to have a proper diet so that you will not gain anymore weight.

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