Benefits of Strength Training Vs Benefits of Cardio Training

People have been boggled about the best workout; some people say that it is cardio training while others believe that nothing can be strength training. In reality, you need a combination of both forms of exercises to manage your weight and be at your best. Cardio has its own benefits, and strength training also has its own benefits. Most experts would suggest including at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity daily, and doing strength training twice a week.

Strength training vs Cardio training
Strength training vs Cardio training

Benefits of strength training

Weight training helps you to build those beautiful muscles while strengthening your body and prevents injury from occurring. Some of the benefits that you could get from strength training are stronger body; improve posture, balance, and stability. Weight training helps you to get in shape and allows you to burn fat fast. After a strength training routine, you will notice that your metabolisms are higher for a longer period of time. The more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you burn while resting; thus allowing you to gain your ideal body faster and keep it for a long time.

Benefits of cardio training

Cardio training improves your body organ and enables you to maximize the oxygen in your body. In fact, even top body builders recognize what cardio training can do for them. It helps them to speed up the healing process that it takes for their body to recover from workout injuries. Cardio training raises the heart rate in the short term and has the benefit of lowering blood pressure and decreases the time needed for the heart to fully recover.

A combination of the two workout type will provide you both with mental and physical benefits. Exercise allows your body to produce endorphin, which is essential in relieving stress, tension and anxiety while increasing the blood blow to the brain. Some of the chronic illnesses that you can avoid from regular exercise are diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer.

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