Strength Training helps in regulating blood sugar

Everybody wants to be the apple of the eye, but you aren’t going to be if you are not fit and strong. There is no way such a fat ass would get much attention from the opposite sex. Mother Nature doesn’t allow that to be. So, you bought a membership and hope that will help keep your weight in check. You do lots of cardio thinking that it would help you be fit, but sadly that is not helping you at all. What you need is to get some muscle in your system and by that you need strength training and not cardio exercises.


Strength training keeps the blood sugar in-check.

It is damn right to include strength training in your workout load and adding some cardio training, as well helps you to melt those pounds off you faster. These two types of exercises are best for diabetics as is easier to control the blood sugar level in the body. Exercise will help you use the sugar in the body. Sugar is present in all the food (in the form of glucose) that we eat.


Strength training can be performed inside or outside the gym. Your option is not just lifting weights as you can also try to do body weight exercise or resistance band training. Always have a habit of visiting the doctor before starting with a new exercise routine, so you can be assure that it won’t affect your health.


It is best to work multiple muscle at the same time, so you’re limiting the time your body will be expose to such rigid training. This type of training is called compound or multi-joint exercises and it helps you maximize the time you have. Examples of compound exercises are dumbbell dead lifts, lunges, or kettle bell swings. If you are just exercising within your home then you can do pushups and planks.




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