Tips to Lessen Injuries during Fitness Training

For some weight loss is almost impossible. They exercise hard, but when injury comes, they quit their program and never goes back into fitness training. If only they knew how to prevent injury then they would have succeeded to lose weight. Here are some guidelines in exercising to prevent injury from happening.

Slow and Steadily

Some people jump into exercising thinking that the harder they exercise the better results they would have. Sorry to say, but this is the last thing that you need to do if you are just starting out with an exercise program. You might see some people at the local gym going hard with their routines, but if you think at it, they have been doing it for a long time now. Their body is already used to the pressure that their exercise gives them. You, on the other hand, are just starting out; your body cannot take the same amount of pressure as they can.

Start out with just a few routines and few repetitions. Do it for months until you feel that your body is progressing. Once that you have progress, that I the time wherein you add other routines or increase your workout load.


It is elementary, but most people will not do it simply because of themselves as an expert. You need to lower your pride and do your homework. There are so many workouts that you could try with different results. It is necessary to find the one that will fit your needs and concentrate on them first.

Aside from the different exercise that you need to research, you might also do some research about several supplements. Some of them might good for you while others are just a waste of money.

Rest and Recuperation

For sure, you are already familiar with the phrase “No Pain, No Gain.” You will feel the soreness throughout your exercise routine, and that is part of the training process. However, pain is something deeper as it the body telling you that it cannot take any more pressure.

When you reach that point, you need to rest to recover your strength and build the damage muscle cells that got damage after tedious workouts.

The body heals itself when you are resting. This is also the time wherein your body grows stronger. As you grow stronger, you will see that your body is more prone to injury than before. If you will not rest then, you will never build your muscles, which are helpful in burning the calories while resting.


The body made out of 70% water. A person loses several liters of water in a day because of perspiration, urination and sweating. There is nothing to be alarm about since this is just natural and proves that you are normal. However, you do need to replace every single drop so you will not be dehydrated.

You can replace the water you lose by drinking water throughout the day. Experts used to say that people need to drink eight glasses of water daily. However, new studies had proven that the amount of water needed by each person defends on their body type and the temperature.


Stretching can help you prevent injury. Experts used to say that you need to stretch before and after every exercise, but new studies suggest that stretching should be done after exercise. A mobile body will have a better chance of avoiding injury than a body that is not mobile.

Lack of mobility might result to uncoordinated or awkward movement, which leaves your body at risk for muscle strain.

Hire a Professional

If this is the first time that you will be working out then it is a good idea to hire a personal trainer. They know how much you should be working out and what types of workouts are good for you. A personal trainer will also keep you motivated with advises and teach you about proper nutrition.

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