The truth about Exercise and Impotence

Is there a connection between the two. This article tackles the truth about exercise and impotence. There is an old saying that what’s good for your heart is also good for your sex life. True enough as scientist discovered the connection of the heart and sex life with frequent exercise. Regular moderate exercise is a means in preventing impotence among men.

An impotent guy and his partner
An impotent guy and his partner

In a study back in 2006, researchers discovered how men who burn 200 calories daily were able to prevent impotence from occurring. Dr. Irwin Goldstein, from Boston University School of Medicine said that 200 calories a day amounts to the number of calorie you can get from drinking regular size sodas a day.

The study took more than 9 years to finished wherein 600 men with no impotence problem initially had participated for the study. The researchers believed that lifestyle factors like smoking, heavy drinking, inactivity, and obesity; contributes to chances of becoming an impotent. Researchers discovered that only those who were living a sedentary lifestyle and not the people who were already active to begin with and those who took up exercise throughout the study can suffer from impotence.

Goldstein claimed that the finding could lessen the number of people acquiring the condition. People who begin an active life an early life has fewer chances of acquiring the condition. However, those who waited until mid-life to quit smoking lose weight or cut back on drinking to have a healthy lifestyle are not safe from acquiring the condition.

Another reason why you should exercise regularly is that it not only lessens the chances of you becoming impotent, as well as the possibility of heart problem. Exercise is a good way to prevent the two conditions from happening as both are affected by poor blood flow to the organ; exercise is a means to clear out blood vessels. Since the penis is sensitive to slow-downs in blood flow than the heart is, it can signify that you have a heart problem.

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