Exercise Myth: Muscle weigh more than fat


If you have been looking for ways to lose weight, I’m sure that you are already familiar with this myth. This is about the old saying that fat weighs less than muscle. Is this actually true? In one easy point: a pound of muscle weighs just the same as a pound of fat. No matter how you look at it, a pound is a pound.


Do you believe that muscle is denser than fat? Let’s look at this way; if you have a block of muscle and an equal size block of fat the muscle will weigh more. What’s extraordinary about muscle is that it looks much tighter and looks a lot better than having the same weight in fat which is why women need to include strength training in their routine.

The easiest way to look at this issue take a cube of fat and take a same size cube of muscle; you will find out that the muscle will weigh more due to its density and compactness.

Actually I am a living proof of this since I look much lighter than I honestly am. My weight is more than 200 pounds, but someone who is as big as me only weighs around 160 to 180 pounds. Why? This has something to do with the muscle build. I have more muscle in my body compared someone who is as big as me. Take note that if you are planning to packed up some muscles then you are going to be heavier.

Get rid of the scale!

A woman friend of mine told me that she had only 12% body fat, but weighed 160lbs! In fact, 12% body fat is very low. This just goes to show her body made up mostly of lean muscle.

Obviously, if you are planning to do strength training and grew muscles, you need to forget about the scale. If you want to find out about your progress then buy a body composition scale or even fat calibrators to determine fat %.

One of the best methods is by taking pictures of you. You can take pictures of you now and then take another one after three months. You would see some progress in your body.

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