How to develop a top Athlete by means of Speed and Strength Training?

Athletes need to develop a solid foundation on physical abilities is he ever dream of making it to the top. If you are one of those aspiring athlete, you need to design an effective speed and strength training programs. When creating a useful program use the training pyramid because it is the complete guide on how to better your performance on whatever sports you wish to excel. The training pyramid is the framework for designing training programs of athletes on every level. General Physical Preparedness

A top athlete showing her accomplishment
A top athlete showing her accomplishment

General Physical Preparedness (GPP) is the foundation and comprise of a wide variety of training concepts. It is based on the idea about general physical qualities that are significant no matter what sport or activity you want to excel in. By improving GPP, you are able to develop the abilities you need to compete with the best athletes. Those athletes who haven’t done any strength training before should start with most of their training at this level of the pyramid. Gifted athletes should be reminded about the significance of GPP training during the off-season. GPP incorporates;

  1. Aerobic and anaerobic fitness
  2. Static and dynamic flexibility
  3. Core strength and stability
  4. Coordination and balance
  5. Muscular endurance

If an athlete lack in one area of the above exercises, their performance level dropped. The training that an athlete lacks may be in the form of circuits, med ball training, movement and technique drills, stabilization training. Strength

Strength is based on how much weight you can lift. However, you don’t need to be the strongest since it depends on the sports you are participating in. There are some who benefits from improving strength with ground based, multi-joint, and free weight exercises. Others are more into squats, lunges, presses, and pulls. If you want to be fast, then you should develop your relative strength. Relative strength is the ratio of your strength to your body weight. Different Types of Strength that can be trained at this level:

  1. General strength
  2. Max strength
  3. Strength endurance
  4. Relative strength
  5. Starting strength

These types of strength also give importance to the sporting activity you are engaged in. Before developing these qualities, you need to have some required abilities from the GPP level of the pyramid.


Speed-strength training means training that rides along the force velocity curve. According to the force-velocity curve, the faster you move the less force you create. This is because muscle needs time to develop contractile force. The goal here is to use strength to get a greater rate of speed.

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