Strength Training is more than just pumping iron

For most people, strength training is just lifting weights, but it is more than that. Yes, it is about pumping iron, but it goes beyond that since you can also condition your body with this kind of training. Strength and conditioning exercises includes mobility exercises that are essential in preventing injury. It also includes core strengthening, strength training, aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

strenth training
Strength Training is not just about pumping iron.

Strength training can be defined as the movement of mass through exertion of force against the resistance of that mass from a determined distance with a determined speed. The amount, form of the mass, speed of the selected distance, and speed of the movement are considered in such training program.

So, you must be wondering about the effort that you are going to put on the mass to move it? Do you need to move the mass to a large distance or not? A simple question needs a simple solution and the answer is yes to all. Heavier mass must be move slowly while the lighter ones must be move faster. The idea here is to train for both strength and power, so you need to train both by moving heavy weights slowly while doing the lighter ones much faster.

In regards to distance, you need to move things that challenge you, so you can get the best out of your training. Picking up a weight and lifting it above your head are indeed challenging and is the best way to exercise. With such movement, you are using multiple muscles at the same time therefore increasing the power that you are using at a minimal time. Such movements are functional movements and are effective ways to exercise.

As you use more muscle to perform a single task, you are exerting more power to do a single job. As you do these types of exercises more, you tend to challenge your body to do its best and that is both strengthening and cardiovascular training at the same time. By doing such exercises, your heart rate would go up faster compared to single exercises like jogging.

For most people, strength training is just lifting weights, but strength training goes beyond that as it is not just about lifting weights. It is true that weights are great ways to strengthen the body; there are other ways to strengthen the body. For instance, you can use the sandbag to strengthen the body as you could lift it just like weights. There are lots of ways to exercise with just a sandbag and all you need to do is to Google for it.



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