Strength Training with Aerobics

Strength training with aerobics are best combined since it could build your body perfectly. Those two are different forms of exercises and make a total body workout, which can turn your body into a total working machine. Weight training takes care of your muscle, producing well-toned muscle while aerobics ensures a healthy heart and lung. Combining these two with a sensible diet plan will give you the best body not something that everybody would like, but something that would make you enjoy your life a little more.

interval training
Combining both strength training with aerobics gives you the best workout that you could have and that is called interval training.

Strength Training

Strength training falls into two categories: weight bearing exercise and resistance training. Like the title suggest, it builds your strength. For most weight lifting and exercise machines are use in strength training, but you can also use your own body weight to strengthen yourself. There are no rules, saying that you need to use weight if you want to do strength training.

If you want to do this type of exercise then you need to strengthen one muscle set after another. For example, you can do upper body workouts one day then you can do the lower body exercises the next day you have a workout. Muscle groups need time to recuperate, so that it could rebuild itself. Working different muscle group would allow your body to recover and repair itself. You would notice that you would be stronger if you do that.



Aerobics are cardio exercises that help your body to build stamina. This mean that you can do anything that you can keep up for hours like walking, biking, and other forms of light exercises. Remember that if it gets your heart rate up then it is an aerobic activity.

Unlike strength training, you could do this form of exercises a lot since your body doesn’t swell from doing it. It doesn’t focus on one of the muscle groups, so you can expect that it would not tire you body. Regular aerobics would make your heart stronger and you would also become thinner.


Interval Training

If you combine strength training with aerobics then you got interval training. And most experts would agree that a combination of the two would give you the best form of exercise. You would have a stronger body that could last for hours. Here is what you can do to get both benefits of the two forms of exercises. You do a set of curls, enjoy a five minutes’ walk on the treadmill. Next, would be bench press and then ride a bike for seven minutes. Once you get the whole idea, you can form your own interval training exercises.

Athletes like using interval training since it strengthens their body while giving them the stamina to last in their sports. For those people, who would want to lose weight, they could expect to see better results.



Remember that your body wouldn’t last in its workout without proper nutrition. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat for best result. This should give you the energy you need while performing strength training with aerobic workout.


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