3 Recommended Fitness Training Routines to tone your muscles


Today, becoming fit is easier than it used to be back when our grandparents used to do it. We got fitness centers, gyms, health club and a whole lot more. Having a fit body is what most people want so they can enjoy everything that money can buy. When talking about a fit body, it means that the muscles are well-toned. Here are some of the most popular ways to tone your muscle:

A guy showing his well-toned muscles
A guy showing his well-toned muscles

Weight Training – When people hear the word ‘weight training’ most of them will think that the guys who do weight training are all bodybuilders and weight lifters. That is the stereotyped way of thinking about weight training. For guys who spent countless hours in the gym, weight training is their way to develop their muscle.

Instead of the usual routine in building muscle, you can do circuit training through the use of several machines, targeting the whole muscle groups. Weight training should last for forty minutes and nothing more than that. You need to use a moderate amount of weight per exercise. Once that, you are done with that routine, you can follow it up with twenty minutes of aerobic exercise to tone those muscles.

Aerobic and Resistance exercises – The two are different types of exercise. Most experts combine these two to get the type of workout that will help them achieve a well-toned body. Aerobic exercise is a great exercise to develop the internal organs like the heart, lungs, and other internal organ – this makes it ideal for an athlete since they need to last in their chosen sport.

Resistance training is any exercise routine that uses resistance in an individual’s workout routine. People can either opt for weights or resistance band to tone their muscles. It works by increasing the resistance to force the muscle to develop further.

Zumba – A dance routine popularized by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez. It incorporates some popular dances and martial arts in its movement –making it an ideal way to burn fat and tone muscle for many. The movements are light, so one session usually takes an hour to complete.

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