Bodyweight Exercises aka Martial Arts Fitness Training

Martial have become popular not only because of the fitness benefits that it could give you, but also the part where you can defend yourself as you walk down the street. In fact, martial arts training have been popular among fitness hardcore fans, even before Chuck Norris and Bruce take their arts to the big screen. Martial arts training were used to develop the mind, and body.

Bodyweight exercises is the best choice for a martial artist
Bodyweight exercises is the best choice for a martial artist

Currently, a new breed of martial art has risen in the form of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), wherein practitioners can use any martial art to defend and win in a competition. MMA is different from the normal martial since it uses all the technique of the legendary martial arts from all over the world. What is important here is to beat the other guy, so you need to be really tough if you want to last long in the competition.

Why Bodyweight Exercises are the Best Choice?

The simplest explanation here is that you can do it wherever you go. Your body gets the3 required physical training, and conditioning to take the human body into the next level. You can practice inside a Dojo or your backyard because you don’t need any equipment to workout. All you need is your bodyweight and knowledge on how to use it to train yourself.

Bodyweight exercises tend to imitate and reflect the physical demands that you put the body on every time you perform a natural movement. Fighting like taking down your opponents or breaking your opponent’s body cannot be learn while doing some fancy gym stuffs like bench press or running on a treadmill.

Finding the Time To Workout Without Weights

Anyone who studied martial arts knows that they need time to perfect their technique and forms. Time is one thing that you don’t need with weight training since they can do some damage to your body when performed for a long time. With bodyweight exercises, you can do a lot of repetition to master your form and technique.

In early days, martial arts practitioner trained their body by living in the Dojo doing all type so household chores. By doing so, they are able to meet the demand of their martial art discipline. However, things have changed now, and time is something that most people don’t because they have other matters to attend to like family, social, and business obligations. Fortunately, body weight training can give them the required training they need to become stronger and flexible.

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