Separating Exercise Myths From Exercise Facts

Exercise myths have been around ever since people first learn how to exercise. We need to both myths and facts to distinguish them from one another. Here are some misconceptions about them:

exercise myths and facts
exercise myths and facts

Myth: Performing vigorous exercise will help you lose weight.

Fact: Both vigorous and non-vigorous exercise affects the metabolic rate. Combine this with the right diet then you are on your way to losing those pounds off your body. You need to do it consistently to become successful.

Myth: Eat as much as you like as you can lose all the calories from exercise.

Fact: Despite the fact that exercise has a role on the secret formula for losing weight; you still need to control your eating habit. Both exercise and proper diet has something to say when it comes to weight loss.

Myth: All type of exercise will increase your appetite.

Fact: Researcher after research has proven that some forms of exercises are beneficial for increasing the appetite. Moderate workouts that last for less than an hour help reduces your appetite. An intense workout increases one’s appetite.

Myth: You need to exercise daily to improve your fitness levels.

Fact: That is not true as the body need to rest in between exercise so it can fully heal the damage muscle cells. The muscle must be given some time to heal itself before undergoing the same exercise again.

Most of the exercise myths revolve around weight loss and strengthening your body. Exercise alone is not enough to get the desired body; you need to incorporate proper eating habit to get to your fitness goal. Those who rely on drugs to achieve their fitness goal are going to suffer from the side effects that most of these drugs have for prolonged usage.

Remember how serious you are with your exercise session, you won’t see any improvement if you have a bad diet like drinking and smoking excessively or if you’re still eating so much junk food. You need to stay committed to your goal to get your desired result.

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